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The Spinal Stiffness Gauge (SSG)

The Spinal Stiffness Gauge is a computer-based, powered intraoperative instrument. By applying a force to, and separating adjacent vertebrae at a constant rate of distraction, the SSG electronically measures the resistance of the adjacent vertebrae to the distraction. This measurement assists the surgeon in determining whether to stabilize or fuse.

Beyond determining when joint fixation is, or isn't necessary, the SSG can provide a hard copy measurement of the patient's joint stiffness, and a rationale for fusions with instrumentation--or not--of the affected MSU's.

Bone & Joint Workstation (B&JW)*

The Bone & Joint Workstation (B&JW) creates a complete spine surgery station. The B&JW is evolving from the SSG and uses the same computer-based, touch screen electronic console. This "value added" feature will be available soon to power Mekanika's proprietary bone shaping instruments. The B&JW is capable of both assessing and treating spinal instability as well as powering Mekanika's spine surgery instruments.

* in development


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