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NASS - 17th Annual Meeting

Mekanika, the Spine Stabilization Company, continued to draw much attention for its proprietary, patented product technologies at the North American Spine Society (NASS) meeting in Montreal, Canada, with exhibition dates October 30 – November 1, 2002.

Highly Successful Exhibit
For the second consecutive year, Mekanika's innovative Spine Stabilization System and family of products, made the company's exhibit one of the busiest. Mekanika’s technology attracted numerous surgeons, distributors, institutional investors and interested competitors. Commitments were made with many prominent surgeons and teaching institutions to utilize the Spinal Stiffness Gauge™ (SSG) to further enhance their capabilities of accurately assessing in quantifiable numbers the instability in the joint space. This measurement specifically may become industry standard in helping to determine arthrodesis and/or arthroplasty for the patient. Additional clinical studies are underway designed to document the clinical advantages of the SSG.

Additional momentum for the Modulus 60™ system was also reconfirmed from the attendees at NASS. Again, surgeons who currently perform high volume spinal fusions yearly, made commitments to use the Modulus 60 for fusion applications as soon as it becomes available. The Modulus 60 for arthroplasty is anticipated to commence the FDA IDE clinical trial in 2003.
The SafePath Bone Drill™ was well received with numerous product demonstrations performed. SafePath is an FDA registered, patented disposable bone drill designed to facilitate a safe, fast, accurate and reliable nucleation within the pedicle. In conjunction with the custom inserter, SafePath will self center while taking the path of least resistance, providing a nucleus from the posterior anatomical recesses to the vertebral body.

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