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Mekanika National Spine Care
and Back Pain Forum

Spine Care Forum was developed to track, analyze and report the outcomes of many diverse back pain treatments, both surgical and non-surgical. In order to create a comprehensive, informative database that will guarantee a high quality, broad spectrum of much needed information, we are asking all physicians who perform spinal procedures and treat back pain to participate. This information will be made available by way of an international website, allowing physicians and surgeons the ability to compare and contrast the outcomes from many existing, new and promising spine care therapies, including those in the armamentarium of the internist and family practitioner.

Mekanika is finalizing development and preparing market introduction of the most innovative advancement in the history of spinal stabilization. The Company is optimistic that the Forum will create an international awareness of the Mekanika Spinal Restabilization System. This system represents a paradigm shift in the spinal implant segment of the orthopedic industry that is long overdue, offering the spine surgeon the first intra-operative diagnostic measurement of spinal instability and another first, the choice either of arthrodesis or arthroplasty. A brief description of this system is as follows:

The Spinal Stiffness Gauge™ (SSG™) is the first computer-based instrument for measuring and documenting pre- and post-decompressive spinal instability to guide the decision on the type of spinal fixation indicated.

The Modulus System* is both a fusion (arthrodesis) and restabilization (arthroplasty) system made of a proprietary carbon-fiber composite. The material is MRI compatible and can be made to have the same modulus as bone, made stronger than titanium and has the potential to reduce the complications seen from fusion at the adjacent spine joints adjacent MSU's.

Participants in this Forum are selected based on specialty, years in practice, and exact demographic location.

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